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The Couples Sensual Session Intimacy Guide is meant to be a guide to rekindle or ignite the spontaneity in relationships between partners.

This Me, Myself & I Intimacy Guide, we will go over three key components, Getting Naked with Me, Myself and I, while navigating through loving yourself.

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The Art of Intimacy.

Have you ever wondered how intimate your relationship could be if you awakened the senses by taking away the sense of sight? "Making Love Better TwoGether: The Art of Intimacy" is the follow-up to Yanni Brown's popular debut, "Making Love Better Begins Within".

Hi, I'm Yanni Brown.

Author/ Blogger/ Relationship & Intimacy Expert, and Founder -of Making Love Better Twogether™

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Making Love Better TwoGether was created to empower and inspire relationships.


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