A Couples Guide to Healthy Communication

This past weekend I had the honor and privilege of sitting on a panel with some amazing people. There I was among greatness! Brad Sanders,  a comedian, actor and writer, best known for “It’s Your World”. He is also the co-founder of Be Good to Women Day/The Be Good to Women Collective. We also Dr. Tamara Denton, a licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with a PhD in Counseling Psychology. We also shared the platform with Pepper Miller, Research, Author, Thought Leader and Black American subject matter Expert. Last but certainly not least a fresh perspective from Dometi Pongo, News Director and Morning Anchor, Writer and Producer for WVON 1690AM.

In a time where negative behavior is rewarded, reality tv is becoming some of our realities and people are looking for love, often in all of the wrong places Brad brought us twogether for an intimate discussion on “Are You Hearing Me? Am I Hearing You? The Art of Healthy Communication.

What we enjoyed most about this discussion, was an engaging adult co-ed conversation with audience participation. There were some tweetable moments, high five moments as well as a few aha moments.

Here are just some of the takeaways from our panel discussion “Are You Hearing Me? Am I Hearing You seminar at The Black Women’s Expo

1. Don’t accept unacceptable behavior.

2. Your words and actions must align.

3. You enter a relationship as a whole complete person, your mate should compliment you (and vice versa)

4. Loving your self has everything to do with how you’ll love someone else.

5. Be present and empathetic in your communication

6. Love is about peeling back the layers over time, protecting those layers and being able to have open and honest communication about those layers.

7. Don’t just be transparent with your mate, be introspective. That means look in to someone and see them as they are not through them.

We hope that these takeaways will benefit you and your relationship/marriage in some way.

Yanni Brown